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Pixandda - Rendering Services 

Photo Realistic Jewelry Rendering 

Our Services

Images are the most critical factor for jewelry e-commerce platforms. But to produce quality photos takes a lot of time and funds. Also, due to COVID, getting a professional studio photo is limited and can take months till that is done. That is why we are starting to offer exclusively for AMZgemz clients Photo- Realistic Rendering Services. By providing a phone video or a regular photo of the jewelry, we can create two CAD files for rendering and Manufacturing.

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Step 1 - Design & Concept 

Provide a photo image /video of the jewelry. No physical jewelry is required.

Step 2 - Modeling 

We create the CAD file for Rendering and another Industrial CAD file for Manufacturing

Step 3 - Rendering

We start rendering the items from multiple angles

Step 4 - Video 

We create 360 videos of the ring in multiple options

Step 5 - Photorealistic  Rendering 

We render the item on the real person; the customer will not be able to see the difference between the real image and photo rendering

How It Works

Capture your item with a smartphone

Upload the pictures to Pixandda system

Approve 3D file before rendering.

Why Choose Us

15+ Years of Experience Jewelry 

Best pricing in the market

Best Quality Rendering in the industry 

Over 100 Satisfied  Jewelry Companies

Easy platform 

Constantly Evolving

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